Appetizers and Sotos

To bring you in the mood of the richly varied and tasty Indonesian cuisine, we highly recommend you our light and exotic appetizers.


You can also try the famous Soto Ayam, the light and broth-based Indonesian soup, as a preview of the Belt of Emerald’s cuisine.




Rather you prefer an one main course meal, several dishes to share with your diners, or to put together a rice table, we can always recommend you our specialties. Our cuisine has a big variety of flavors and dishes. Not only from one island but it reflects the diversity of Indonesia itself.



Rice tables

If you would like to dine extensively, we recommend you the world famous Indonesian: Rice table. During this ‘feast’ a hugh variety of dishes will be presented to you. Whereas there’s a perfect balance in color, odor and taste.  



Wines and Beers

In the Netherlands it is common to have beers with the Indonesian cuisine beer but a nice glass of wine fits excellent with the Indonesian cuisine. Next to the seven beautiful house wines, we also serve a collection of surprising special wines.


We serve various types special beers that fits perfect with Indonesian food.




To finish a delicious dinner or lunch we offer you several desserts.



Allergies and vegetarian dishes

During the creation of our menu we considered with allergies or vegetarian guests. Therefore, we have a variety of vegetarian and allergy free dishes and rice tables.


We take utmost care of your food allergies and intolerances.

However, cross-contamination with allergens in our kitchen can never be ruled out for 100%.

For allergen information, please contact our staff.