about us

Do you want to relax in a cozy contemporary setting to enjoy the tasty Indonesian cuisine? We heartily welcome you at Indonesian Restaurant Deli!


Our restaurant opened his doors in 1980 and is located in a monumental VOC building, right in the historic town of Alkmaar. Our location fits well with the nostalgic cozy atmosphere and the authentic cuisine of our restaurant.


Like the family roots, Deli’s kitchen origins from West and Central Java; the birthplace of the ancient tradition of Indonesian cuisine with its distinctive refinement and sophistication. The Indonesian cuisine evolved and reached its peak in the Javanese courts and it was especially in Central Java, where the culinary reached a sophistication and refinement that remained to this day. The sophistication and refinement can also be found in our dishes


Our (basic) cuisine is characterized by spicy, mild sweet and sour, and sweet flavors, with many gula Jawa (Javanese sugar) and santen. In addition, our cuisine complemented by tasteful dishes from other parts of Emerald Belt, giving you an optimal taste experience.


The Boemboes (crushed spice mixtures) and dishes are made in a traditional way, in the tjobek and wadjan. Through this method of preparation and the use of fresh ingredients and herbs, the flavors can fully come into its own, which you can fully enjoy in our restaurant.


In our cozy contemporary restaurant we strive for accessible high quality food where ‘enjoyment’ is highly valuable! Indonesian Restaurant Deli offers guests:

  • authentic products and fine ingredients, tasty and healthy;
  • authentic dishes from Indonesian and Indo-kitchen;
  • sincere hospitality, passion and experience;
  • conviviality and casual atmosphere;
  • a comfortable modern contemporary colonial décor with nostalgic influences;
  • the right balance between quality and price.


In short: "Do you want to enjoy the tasty Indonesian cuisine in a pleasant contemporary setting?", We welcome you in our restaurant.